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Personal inmate records info

How to Get Information about an Inmate’s Crime


Finding information about an inmate is not a difficult thing to do. An inmate, by the way, is what an imprisoned person is called. So this is someone you know, or maybe someone you have come across somehow, be it professionally or socially. You need to know the reason behind his or her incarceration due to certain circumstances. These situations hover perhaps a little too close to privacy matters but not to worry, since there are plenty of ways to obtain the information you need without violating others’ privacy.

First off, find out which court held the trial for this particular inmate. The circuit court which prosecuted the case is usually the one where the complete and public information is kept. Get in touch with the court clerk for details on how best to acquire the information you need.

Check out your state’s website and look under inmate records or check out the BOP¬†website. This information can be accessed online because crimes and information related to them are public records. If you are not sure about the link to the website, place a call to your local jail and they will inform you of the correct websites name and link. What if the information is not there? You put in the name of the person you are certain is in jail but still no data comes up. Do remember that sites like these are updated every once in a while and the inmate you are searching for has probably just been sentenced or incarcerated and thus, he or she has not been entered into the database yet.

For a more direct result, you can simply get in touch with the court’s clerk. Court clerks have the information regarding charges and convictions. Simply inform the clerk of the name of your inmate and they will be able to tell you the reason behind this person’s trial or incarceration. Keep in mind that you need to first identify the correct court, in other words, the court where your inmate was prosecuted.

Another way to find information about why a person is in jail is to contact the prison itself. The people running the place have complete information regarding the crimes committed by the prisoners. This is information accessible by the public so if you prefer this alternative, simply get in touch with the prison facilities and ask for details on how to get your specific data.

For yet another route, try getting your information from the media. Newspaper and television news stations hold a bank of information about crimes committed locally and otherwise. This information is not exclusive by any means and you have every right to get it from them, so go ahead and ask for help and data from the media.

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