Colorado Background Check

Background Checks In Colorado to Protect Your Privacy and Safety

Background checks are essential elements when it is time to know more about an individual. Naturally, when you decide to conduct a background check on yourself or on somebody else, there is a specific purpose. In general, employers perform background checks on their potential candidates in order to check if they can trust them.

In certain types of jobs, criminal background checks are vital, especially when the candidate will be in charge of caring other persons or in some positions where they should handle money. Therefore, conducting a Colorado free background check can be considered one more security measure.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Record Check has its own site where they provide the members of its community with the best background searches. For this reason, it is crucial to visit their site in order to obtain the proper information to conduct the perfect background check.

Basically, you should pay a fee to get the data you need, and they require a MasterCard or Visa to conduct a background search on their secured site. There are other two payment methods, AMEX and pre-payments but they are only admitted for account users. In addition, before using the site tools, it is necessary to read the Terms of Use in order to be well informed about all the conditions required.

Regarding what type of criminal history you will find on this website, it is important to clarify that only criminal records for the State of Colorado are available on the site. Their computerized database contains a collection of details connected with arrest records based upon fingerprints provided by Colorado law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, there is some information, which is not available to the general public such as warrant information, sealed records and juvenile records. So, you can conduct searches whether you have an account or not. You should follow the instructions offered online. Regarding fees, you should pay $6.85 per each name you require information.

If you use the web-system offered by the state of Colorado, you will have immediate access to the history reports. On the other hand, if you need an official or notarized response or you have decided to pay by using another payment method, you should submit a written form to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a manual search, which will cost you $13.00.

If you are wondering which type of details you will receive with the results of the search, you should know that criminal histories are based on fingerprints submissions from law enforcement agencies within the State of Colorado, and you will be able to get only the information that is not protected by law.

In addition, you should have certain information related to the individual you want to investigate such as first and last name (mandatory), date of birth (mandatory), social security number (optional), additional identifiers such as gender and race of individual (optional).

The state of Colorado knows that background checks are essential in our global world, so they have designed all the tools to provide users with the necessary elements to conduct the perfect background checks.

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