Public Records in Indiana

It may become necessary to get some information or records on a neighbor, do a simple background check on an employee, or know what is available to the public about you. Finding such information as arrest records, birth information, family history, and more is possible through public records. In Indiana, you can inspect these records at a public agency office, via telephone, mail, online, and any other means made available by the government. Public records requests are often granted for public interest and not for commercial purposes.

Vital Records

As the name suggests, vital records are about life events like birth, death, marriage, and divorce. The Vital Records division of the Indiana Department of Health maintains a database and grants access to copies of vital records. You can request online, via mail, or in person. There are processing fees attached and necessary documentation for certified copies of a record request. Only persons with a direct relationship to the named individual, such as family members or a legal representative, has the authority to request certified copies. For payment, you can do so with a credit card for an online request. To pay by check or money order, you would submit a request via mail. 

Below is a cost list for certified copies:

  •  Birth: $10. 00; additional copies ordered at the same time are $4. 00 each.
  • Death: $8. 00; additional copies requested at the same time are $4. 00 each.
  • Marriage (State): $8. 00 (certified copies are only available from the County Clerk of Circuit Court or Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the event occurred).
  • Marriage (County): cost of copies varies. 
  • Divorce (County): cost of copies varies.

The contact/mailing address to submit a request for birth, death, and marriage is as follows:

Vital Records 

Indiana State Department of Health

P.O. Box 7125

Indianapolis, IN 46206-7125

For marriage (county) and divorce (county); request from the County Clerk on County where the event occurred.

The contact addresses of Local Health Departments are available for look up at the website of the Indiana Health Department.

You also can contact Vital Records Customer Service at (317) 233-2700.

Criminal Records

Criminal records are public in Indiana. Individuals can request a copy of criminal records either by mailing with enclosed fees and a copy of identification or by an in-person request to a law enforcement agency. You can also get criminal records through the courts or the Central Records Division of Indiana State Police. Visit the records division at the Indiana Government Centre at:

Central Records Division 

Indiana Government Centre North

100 N. Senate Avenue

Room N302 (east elevators)

Indiana, 46204

Telephone: (317) 232-8262

You can forward questions about criminal history to [email protected] The Indiana States Police answer some frequently asked questions on obtaining a copy of a criminal record at the Criminal History Services Section. Alternatively, you can make your request by postal mail:

Indiana State Police CJIS Section

P.O. Box 6188

Indianapolis, IN 46206

You can request a Limited Criminal History (LCH) Report online and make payment with a credit card or via money order payable to The State of Indiana in person or by mail to:

Indiana State Police 

Criminal History, Limited Check 

P.O. Box 6188

Indianapolis, IN 46206

Email: [email protected]

Sex Offenders Records in Indiana           

The State of Indiana has an organized and accessible registry of sex offenders. The registry contains the information of physical appearance, specific addresses, and sexual offenses of sex and violent offenders who live, study, or work in Indiana. The record also shows sex offenders near your area. Interested individuals can utilize the free email notification that notifies you when a sex offender registers in your local county. If the sex offender address is within one mile of the address entered on your subscription, you will get a notification. Sex offenders in Indiana are required to register, and the registry is updated constantly. 

Information on sex offenders is available at the local library or the office county clerk. You can conveniently access information through the Indiana Sex Offenders Registry, Indiana Sheriffs Association: 800-622-4779 (Toll-free), 317-356-3633, Fax: 317-356-3996. The Indiana Department of Correction oversees Sex and Violent Offenders Registration and Registry in Indiana. Any individual may contact the department for information on sex and violent offenders via phone on (317) 232-1232 and fax on (317) 234-1953.

The Physical/mailing address is:

Indiana Department of Correction 

Attn: Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry

302 W. Washington St.

Indiana Government Center South, E329 

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2038

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (317) 233-5234

Fax: (3170 233-1474

You can access the sex and violent offender registry online through the department of corrections.

Indiana Inmate Records

Indiana inmate records contain data of incarcerated persons in jail or prison. These data include personal information, location, and update of their confinement. A person seeking information on an inmate can do so by searching the Indiana offender database online. This search tool makes it easy for interested persons to inquire about inmates by name or offender number. The Department of Correction Records at the Indiana State Archives manages inmate information. The Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA) assists state and local governments in securing and managing records cost-effectively and efficiently. Visit the archives office at:

Indiana State Records Center,

6400 East 30th Street, 

Indianapolis, IN 46219-107. 

Contact the Archives and Records Administration by sending a mail to:

Indiana Archives and Records Administration, 

402 W. Washington Street,

Room W472 Indianapolis,

IN 46219-1007 

phone; 317-233-1713

Fax: 317-233-173 

Email: [email protected] 

Indiana Property records

Ever walked by a property and became eager to know who owns it? Well, you can search for the property owner in Indiana by using land records and deeds. The various county clerk offices across the states keep property records and allow interested individuals to search their databases. The official website of Indiana Courts has a directory of the county Clerk location in Indiana. County clerk offices have public records of property, deeds, and other valuable data. You can also perform a simple search online to find a property owner. Your county website can provide information on property like; contact information of owners, value, tax information, purchase date, property size, and features. 

Indiana Court Records

You can begin your online search for courts records in Indiana at the Indiana Courts website. The public can access cases, child abuse registry, protection orders, and other court matters through the courts. 

There are also some court filings and documents available online at no charge. You can search cases online by name, citation number, or by attorney. Perhaps, the record you seek is unavailable online; you may contact the clerk’s office in the county of the hearing. Note that the courts may withhold some information for ongoing cases. 

Business Records

The Department of State Revenue (DOR) – legal service section responds to public requests for business records. You can obtain information on business registration, taxes and fees, other business-related and online services through the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDR)

Interested persons can search businesses in Indiana through a portal provided by the  Office of the Indiana Secretary of State. To look up Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership in person, visit the Office of the Secretary of State Mondays to Fridays 7:30 am to 5:00 pm at:

Indiana Secretary of State

302 W. Washington Street,

Room E018, Indianapolis. IN 46204

Telephone: 1(317) 232-6576

Email: [email protected]

Finally, for the many platforms created by the government of Indiana to make records public, it is hard to be without knowledge on matters that concern the State and individuals who live in Indiana. These records are accessible in agreement with the Access to Public Records Act (APRA) for the safety and benefit of people living in Indiana.