Search for someone that went to prison

Few Tips on Finding out If Someone Went to Prison 

Many a time, we come across people whom we don’t know well but have to associate with. It could be while employing a private dance tutor for your child, marrying your dear daughter to her boyfriend, employing a new person in office or maybe just wanting to be sure of the new neighbour that has shifted next to your house. You would like to know about the character of the person, and whether he has been to prison. Earlier, it was not very easy to dig out such information. However, now with the availability of the Internet, things have become far easier and simpler.

Before starting your search, you need to have some basic information about the person. You should know the person’s full name, date of birth, and race. You can log on to the website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that keeps criminal records of people since 1982. There will be an inmate locator search link on the website. Click on it and then you might to have to fill in the basic information of the person whose records you want to check. There could be several people with the same name but the search could be narrowed down with date of birth. Still, if you find few names and are not sure of the right person, then having the social security number of the person or the place where he spent a major part of his life and other additional information could help. Once you have the results, you can check out whether the person has ever been convicted of any crime and been to prison.

Another option is finding non-governmental websites that collect information from various sources and maintain a huge database of public records. You can contact some reputable website, submit all details of the person and they will provide the information required. If you need just some basic information i.e. whether the person has ever been sent to prison, then the fee amount would be small, around $20. For detailed information such as what charges were pressed against the prison, the court where he/she was tried, the conviction, the prison where the person was incarcerated and the time spent in prison, a fee of around $40-$50 will be charged.

In this way, you can find out details of any person whom you wish to associate with on a personal or professional level but are unsure of and confirm whether the person has a criminal background and ever been sent to prison.

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