See If Someone Has An Arrest Warrent

Necessary Steps to Find Out If Someone Has an Arrest Warrant

Finding out if someone, including you, has an arrest warrant on his or her name can be necessary sometimes. If you suspect that someone committed a crime in your name or stolen you identity you need to check with the Department of Justice if you have any outstanding arrest warrants. The only problem is that you have to investigate this discretely, because if asking directly you might find out you have one and you won’t be able to leave free. Discreet investigation about arrest warrants can also be obtained if you want to check someone’s past, whether because you are dating him or her, you want to employ the person or you have any other personal reasons for conducting such a search.

The state is the most suitable for offering this type of information. If you need it for employing someone, the best thing you can do is to ask that person to apply for a background check at the Department of Justice of the state where he or she lives in. The results can be trusted and are not very difficult to obtain. The person requesting them should fill in an application, usually available online, to go in an authorized place to get fingerprinted and to pay a small fee. In several days the Department of Justice will send the requested information.

Courthouses are also institutions that can offer you such information, because they are the ones that issue the warrants. Issued warrants are public records, so you should have access to them. Some courthouses will ask you to go there personally to check their archives. Some of them have their database on computers; others have clerks to look through it. Whatever the case is, you’d better know something else besides the person’s name, like the social security number or the address, because people with similar names can easily be confused.

There are various online investigative services that can perform this search for you in a discreet manner. These services will ask you to give them all the information you have about the person you are interested in and they will search for outstanding arrest warrants on that person’s name in several jurisdictions. The fee will be around 40$, but the report will include more information than just the warrants.

If you decide to conduct such an investigation, you should know that arrest warrants are issued by courthouses in offenses like parking or traffic fines that weren’t paid, noncompliance with terms of bail or parole or failure to present in court when asked. Many arrest warrants are not executed. Do not consider conclusive the results that you find out from one Department of Justice or from one courthouse because they only comprise one jurisdiction. You should also know that in many states in order to obtain a driver’s license or a passport you have to prove you don’t have any outstanding warrants.

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