Florida Vital Records

Every nation in our modern world needs to have their vital records organized and available to general public. They are so important that a country can change negatively without them. Vital records are the crucial base to prepare statistics that will then help to develop all types of improvements in a country, state, city etc. Also we recommend that you do your own Florida public record search to get access to vital records for free online.

People who work in the Florida Department of Health know that, so they are committed to offering the best service to the members of the public. Florida vital statistics include the most accurate records of birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and dissolution of marriage. This information is crucial for everyday administration of Florida law and for the protection of members of inhabitant rights.

In general, you may also need certified copies of these vital records to obtain a passport, school entrance, an employment, and proof of citizenship, governmental benefits or insurance. Vital Statistics also include data on epidemics and causes of death.

You can order a record of events that occurred in the State of Florida. If you want to order your vital record through the state office, you should visit the applications and forms page. You should fill the form online and then print it to mail or fax it to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville for processing. If you need a birth, death or fetal death vital record, you can require it by your local County Health Department. Regarding marriage or dissolution of marriage records or divorce, you can require it through the County Clerk Court.

All the details provided on the Department of Heath website is intended to help members of the general public to locate their vital records and to request them. Apart from the actions that can be performed online, the website will guide you to address and telephone numbers where you can contact the corresponding offices, if necessary.

Considering fees, certificates copy may cost you from $5.00 to 29.00, depending on the type of certificate and if it is a first copy or an additional one. You can mail the payment but it must be a check or a money order.

If you want to order a death certificate, you should first determine your eligibility before requesting it. According to Florida laws, it can be only issued to the deceased’s spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or sibling (if 18 years of age or older). There are some exceptions or particular purpose that should be checked such as persons who provide a “Will”, etc.

It is important to note that the Bureau of Vital Statistics has the authority to correct errors or complete omissions on different certificates. To know more about this item, it is necessary to click on “Amendments” link, where you will find the information for each type of vital record.

Additionally, if you like statistics, you can investigate across the Florida Vital Statistics Annual Report, where you will find accurate information about vital records per year. The reports summarize details collected from the original records. The reports are available in PDF format.

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