Find Court Records Online

How to Find Court Records Online

The advent of new technology and Internet has provided a new gateway in finding vital information online – even court records. Each state’s court has, fortunately, vouched themselves for using this innovation and has been uploading court files in PDF format in their various websites, giving an easy access for those who need it. Now if you’re looking for court records and related details, browsing the Internet is the easiest place for you to find.

Finding court records online would, by all means, require you to have a computer with a good Internet connection, and a good hunch for research abilities. To begin with, identify the state from which you are going to look for your needed court records. Based on which state you’re going to research, you may also have to dig up information from the state judicial site, the county judicial site, or geographic court district site. Take for instance the case in Connecticut where court records are obtained from the State of Connecticut Judicial Site. In the case in Florida, each county has managed to host a site which could readily provide your needed court records.

After locating the jurisdiction, each site’s home page has the ‘view online’ or ‘public access’ options. This is where the viewing public is allowed to access the necessary information. As such, in the State of Connecticut Judicial Site, this feature is located in the right menu.

Do your research based on the information provided. You should have the knowledge, at the very least, of some vital data needed to help you for your search, such as the name of the person or the date of birth. Each judicial site also enables the user to print or download this information directly from their computer.

Aside from looking directly at each state’s judicial site, the World Wide Web has also numerous court information databases which focus on searching for court records online. They harvest as much as all court information from virtually all states and compile them in one database, massive enough to contain millions of records that are made available for the public. One disadvantage is that these sites incur you a cost for subscriptions, and also a pay-off to make your court records research easy.

Getting your hands on these court records through the Internet has also its drawbacks. Most of the time the records uploaded by these online court sites are not the official copies. One sure step is to verify with your local courthouse available in your state for documents verification. Also, some courts still do not have all the courts records available online. Hence, it would still cause you a trip to your local court.

To make your search easier, make sure that accurate information are given, such as the court or county, to retrieve the court information you need. After all, finding these court records online is just one easy option you might take as your state’s courthouse is still the custodian of this vital information.

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