Mississippi Public Records

Public records refer to any information that government agencies document while performing official duties in Mississippi. The Mississippi Public Records Act permits the public to view or copy records made in government agencies, provided the information is not confidential. Custodians of public records must make information available to requesters without asking the person requesting for a reason. Note that fees may apply to requests depending on the nature of the documents inquired.

 Interested persons request records from the police, the courts, the state offices, and federal government offices. Below are some of the common public records requests in Mississippi.

Arrest, Criminal and Inmate Records in Mississippi

Upon arrest by the local police department or a federal law enforcement body, the agency records the arrest. Arrest records include offense details, detention location, and other relevant information around apprehending the offender. To obtain arrest records, interested persons can visit the agency responsible for the detention.

Criminal records in Mississippi are detailed information documented about a convicted offender. 

This documentation includes a detailed description of the offender, the crime, and the conviction information. Criminal records also include arrest records, incarceration facilities, sentence duration as well as parole information.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety maintains a statewide database of criminal records. Interested persons can contact the Criminal Information Center at:

Criminal Information Center

3891 Highway 486 West

Pearl, MS 39208

The Mississippi State Department for Health also processes criminal history background checks but only for hospitals and health care facilities. 

Mississippi Inmate Records

Prisons, jails, and detention centers in Mississippi keep records of all inmates resident in their facilities. These records include a detailed description of the incarcerated person, detention location, conviction county, sentence length, and date. 

The public has legal rights to access inmate records in the various incarceration centers. The Mississippi Department of Corrections maintains a database of all inmates resident in the state. Interested individuals can carry out an inmate search online via a portal provided by the corrections department.

Mississippi Sex Offender Information 

Sex offenders in the state must register with the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry (SOR). The sex offender registry is a subsidiary of the State Department of Public Safety. The registry maintains a database of all individuals convicted of sexual offenses who are residents in Mississippi. Sex offenders must notify the local police department of a new residence. The public can access sex offender information in their neighborhood through the local police department. Alternatively, interested persons can search for sex offenders in the state through an online platform. Persons can search the sex offender registry by name and location. Interested individuals can also contact the Mississippi SOR at:

Mississippi Sex Offender Registry

P.O.Box 958

Jackson, MS 39205

(601) 987-1540

Mississippi Court Records

On record are court proceedings, evidence information, and other relevant documents about court cases in Mississippi. The clerks of the courts are responsible for keeping court records. Court records are available for public viewing or copying following procedures outlined by the State of Mississippi Judiciary. Members of the public can contact the clerk of the supreme court of Mississippi at:

Clerk of the Supreme Court

P.O.Box 249

Jackson, MS 39205- 0249

(601) 359-3694

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides access to court-related information such as criminal records and filing data. Interested persons can contact the AOC at:

Administrative Office of Courts

P.O.Box 117

Jackson, MS 39205- 0117

Aside from the courts, interested persons can also access certain court records through the State Library. The library is open on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Note that making copies of documents attract a fee.

Mississippi Vital Records

Government agencies in Mississippi keep records of birth, marriage, divorce, and death.

Information on such major life events makes up vital records in the state. The Mississippi State Department of Health maintains a database of these life events in the state.

Members of the public can visit the vital records division of the health department on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except during state holidays at:

The Mississippi State Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records 

222 Marketridge Dr., 

Ridgeland MS 39157

Interested individuals have the option of ordering vital records by phone, mail or, online via the internet. Note that some documents may not be available online, depending on the date.

Typically, marriage dissolution records are available at the court or county office of the divorce finalization.

It is also important to note that obtaining certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates cost $17.

Also noteworthy is that only individuals related to or named in the document can access vital records. Individuals with legal authorization may also access such records.

Mississippi Business Records

Every business, corporate organization, company, profit, or non-profit body must register in Mississippi to carry out its functions. The Office of the Mississippi Secretary of State is responsible for documenting and keeping records about businesses in the state. 

The public can search for businesses in Mississippi online through a portal provided by the secretary of state.

Alternatively, interested persons can visit the offices of the secretary of state to access public records at the following locations:

Office of the Secretary of State Jackson

401 Mississippi street

Jackson, MS 39201

(601) 359-1350

Office of the Secretary of State at the Coast

1141 Bayview Avenue, Suite 120

Biloxi, MS 39530

(228) 432-0541

Office of the Secretary of State Southaven

5779 Getwell Rd., Bldg. D1

Southaven, MS 38672

(662) 470-1552

Office of the Secretary of State Tupelo

2844 Traceland Drive, Suite 100

Tupelo, MS 38801

(662) 844-0194

Mississippi Bankruptcy Records

Individuals and corporations unable to continue paying their creditors have the option of filing for bankruptcy in Mississippi. Bankruptcy gives the debtor a fresh start and an opportunity to clear out debts following a convenient schedule. Creditors can forgo the debts they are owed, depending on the chapter of bankruptcy. 

The United States Bankruptcy Court is the federal court responsible for bankruptcy cases, having two districts in Mississippi.

The United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Mississippi

United States Bankruptcy Court

Northern District of Mississippi

Thad Cochran U.S. Courthouse

703 Hwy 145 North

Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730

(662) 369-2596

The United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Mississippi

United States Bankruptcy Court

Southern District of Mississippi

Thad Cochran U.S. Courthouse

501 E. Court St., Suite 2.300

Jackson, MS 39201

(601) 608-4600

Interested persons can access bankruptcy records through the clerks of the courts.

Alternatively, the public can access federal cases through Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).

The Bottom-Line

The public has access to records generated in government offices across Mississippi. Any individual interested in inspecting public records has the legal right to do so. Only confidential and sensitive information is inaccessible to the public.