How To Find Out If Someone Has a Criminal Record


  • You can  use a private company that will offer you a comprehensive background check on this person in minutes.  You can do this pretty easily by doing a search on Google for background check and you will find many companies that will let give you access to their databases to let you find out if someone has a criminal record.
  • Access your state’s and or local government police or sheriff websites that sometimes allow the public access to people’s criminal records for free.  If you don’t know how to find these websites just go to Google and type in your state, county and the type of record your looking for. You will know if it ‘s  a government website that offers criminal records of people by the extension of the domain. You will see a .us .gov.

Further Details:

Gather as much information as possible about this person before searching for someone’s criminal history. It would be extremely helpful if you knew the person’s full name, what state and cities have they lived in, date of birth and or social security number. The more details you have the more accurate and thorough the search will be.

Helpful websites:

Federal Identification Request Information on how to get your criminal rap sheet from the federal government. Find out how to request a copy of your record, who can request a record or proof that a record doesn’t exist and more.

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