Get A Copy Of A Arrest Record

Can I Obtain A Copy Of Arrest Records?

In order to obtain a copy of your arrest record, you need to visit the city’s police department. You will have to fill up an application form wherein you will have to provide personal details i.e. your complete name, birth date, social security number and other required details. Your finger prints will be taken for checking and scanning in order to confirm your identity. A small fee will also be charged and you will be given a copy of your arrest record. In case you have been arrested in other cities as well, then the Police Department might take a couple of weeks to gather all the data and present a copy of your complete arrest record after that.

If you do not wish to take the pain of going out, you can log on to the Internet and search for arrest records online. One way is to type in arrest records and the name of the state in quotes and check out the results. State government websites generally have the list of arrest and criminal records. A list of the names of all the persons who have arrest records might show up on a website. In case you find your name, then you will have to post an envelope to the concerned Police Department or at the address mentioned on the site. The envelope will have to contain an application form requesting for your arrest record, your identity proofs such as a copy of your birth certificate, driving license along with the fee amount and you will receive the copy of your arrest records in a couple of weeks or so.

Obtaining one’s own personal arrest record is quite easily possible. But procuring the arrest records of another person is generally not permitted though there are few exceptions. If you are looking to employ someone and wish to check the person’s background, arrest and criminal records, if any, then you must take a letter signed by the person that authorizes you to obtain a copy of the person’s arrest records.

You might be able to obtain another person’s arrest records from private websites that have large databases and provide the records when you pay them a fee that is around $25-$50. However, you must be aware of the laws and regulations. If the law doesn’t permit you to obtain a copy of the arrest record of someone else without the person’s authorization, then it would be illegal on your part to do so and you could land in trouble if caught.

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