Public Records in Alaska

In Alaska, public records are available for check by anyone through state and local agencies, depending on certain exceptions and fees. Alaska’s Open Records Act allows anyone to view information kept in public offices.

Interested persons can get information from local government offices in the state or through existing online services. 

There are certain records that have restrictions in Alaska. One of such restricted records is vital records. Only individuals named in a document are eligible to access vital records. Records on Properties, bankruptcy records, inmate records, sex offender records, and judicial case files are public records with little or no restrictions.

Alaska Criminal Records 

Criminal records in Alaska are handled by the Public Safety Department. Through its Records and Information division, the division keeps a database of offender history in the state. The AAIFIS (Alaska Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is the fingerprint identification system in the state. This system authenticates the individuality of persons arrested and matches hidden prints from crime scenes with fingerprints in case files. Persons interested in checking for offender records can search using the name or a search by fingerprint. It is a requirement for interested individuals to provide written permission from relevant offices or their fingerprints as demanded. The cost of a non-fingerprint check of a criminal’s past is $20. The cost of a search by fingerprint is $35. 

There is a list of approved fingerprint vendors for the state’s Concealed Handgun Permit program kept by the Safety Department. Individuals are not permitted to roll out their fingerprints personally. Interested persons may forward all requests for criminal background with a cover letter that contains the reason for the inquiry and mailed to:

Alaska Department of Public Safety 

5700 East Tudor Road

Anchorage, AK 99507 

Presently, the despatch duration for an inquiry is approximately three weeks. The department will respond by mail to the address you state on your cover letter.

Any individual can gain access to case files, and court information about criminal cases. Interested persons may visit the clerk of the court to obtain relevant information.

Alaska Vital Records

Vital records are documents on important events like birth, death, fetal death, divorce, marriage certificate data, and adoption reports kept under governmental authority. The Alaska Health and Social Service Department manages such data and its relevant health statistics. 

Note that death records in Alaska become public information 50 years post-death. Divorce and birth records have a restriction to eligible individuals. Birth and death records are accessible to family members and legal representatives with proper identification.

 Anyone may view marriage records in the state because they are regarded as public information. Bear in mind, only persons with their names on a certificate can get certificates of marital unions in the state.

The Juneau Vital Records office organizes some vital records certificate services. Other certificate services remain in the records office at Anchorage. 

Interested individuals can process marriage license applications in both the Juneau and Anchorage Vital Offices. Visit the office for vital documents at:

Alaska vital records office Juneau 

5441 commercial Blvd

Po Box 110675 Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: 907-465-3391

Fax: 907-465-3618

Office hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm

[email protected] (Email orders)

Alaska Vita Records office Anchorage,

3901 old Seward Highway, Suite 101 Anchorage,

AK 99503

Phone: 907-269-0991

Fax: 907-269-0994

Office hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Interested persons can obtain copies of records on birth, heirloom union certificate, death, marriage, marriage dissolution at:

Department of Health and Social Services

Vital Records Division

P.O. Box 110675

Juneau, AK 99811-0675

Note that interested persons may get these documents or certificates at a fee.

Birth certificates cost $30.00. Heirloom Birth Certificate costs $55.00. Death certificate costs $30.00. $30.00 will also get you a marriage certificate. An heirloom marriage certificate costs $65.00, and a copy of divorce records costs $30.00. 

Request or orders for these records in Alaska may take four to six weeks. However, some requests may exceed the expected wait time due to increased demand. Interested individuals can also order documents online through VitalCheck.

Alaska Business records

The Division of Corporations and Business and Professional licensing (CBPL) is in charge of business data in the state. The CBPL is a subsidiary of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. The CBPL is obligated to provide all possible information to the public allowed by law. Business license information is open for anyone to view. 

Pretty much any information is open for viewing and printing without a charge. Interested persons can ask for records from the division. You can choose to send an email or make your inquiry online. You can also request copies (uncertified hardcopy) of business records from CBPL at a non-refundable fee of $10.00 for each document requested and $30.00 for all documents in a file of 50 pages, $1.00 per page for each additional page above 50 pages. A document certified by the division costs $5.00. A notarized certificate from the state costs $25.00 (non-refundable fee for each copy). It takes usually between 10-15 working days from receipt time at the office for a document to be ready.

Depending on what you seek, you can also reach various sections of the agency; Professional licensing, corporations, or business licensing; via Email:

Professional licensing section

Email: [email protected]

Corporation Section

Email: [email protected]

Business Licensing Section

Email: [email protected]

The mailing office:


P.O. BOX 110806

Juneau, AK 99811-0806

To access information or make a physical request, visit the division at:

The Division of Corporations and Business and Professional licensing

333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor

State Office Building 

Juneau, AK 99801-1770

Phone: (907) 465-2550

Fax: (907) 464-2974

Arrest records in Alaska

Arrest records contain material surrounding an individual’s apprehension as well as previous detentions. In Alaska, arrest records are open for public scrutiny, everyone has the right to ask and receive arrest information. Such detention information is also available online, and anyone in the state can check them out. The arresting agency typically manages arrest records. The police, the local sheriff’s office, the FBI, or any agency authorized to carry out arrests, make and keep detention reports.

Arrest records include photos, offense details, location of apprehension, and the names of the officers involved. 

Any individual may find access to non-restricted records through phone calls or in-person visits to the local police department or sheriff’s office. 

Alaska Inmate Records

The Alaska Department of Corrections keeps a catalog of incarcerated persons in the state. Data on incarcerated individuals are obtainable by any interested entity. Interested persons can visit the various detention centers for prisoner information.

Persons can also get inmate records through VINE (Victims Information & Notification Network). VINE permits victims to check the holding facility of a defendant. 

Interested individuals can also call the Department of Corrections Chief Classification Officer at 907-269-7426.

Alaska Sex offender Information

In Alaska, the Department of Public Safety maintains a central registry of sex offenders, making facts on offenders obtainable by citizens. Sex offenders in Alaska must regularly touch base with a law enforcement agency in the state. Also, sex offenders who move to Alaska must get fully registered within the time frame for registration if they will be in the state for more than 30 days. Every sex offender’s data is made accessible to the public for precautionary reasons. You can get more information on sex offenders in the state by visiting the safety department at:

Public Safety Department

5700 East Tudor Road

Anchorage, AK 99507

Phone: (907) 269-5511

As much as anyone can get records from various agencies by several means in Alaska, be aware that the government offices may conceal certain information. These exemptions are to preserve the wellbeing of individuals or entities and safety reasons.